CHICKEN AND WAFFLES SANDWICH?!?! - The search for Vancouver's perfect sandwich continues

I'm currently in search of Vancouver's perfect sandwich. Thank you to Becky for pointing me in the right direction for this sandwich. Check out her Instagram at @drinkthis_eatthis

Here is how I'm rating the sandwiches: 

5 points scale with half points available 

A. Bread - is it fresh, taste, texture, hardness, toasted?

B. The meat - how good is it? Does it work? Is it too salty? 

C. The sauce - how does the sauce compliment everything? Does it all tie in together?

D. The veg - are you using quality veg, is there generous amounts? Does the veg work?

E. Breaking the jaw - how severe is this sandwich? How well is it constructed ?

The Top 5 sandwiches in my long term review will be contacted to be featured in my video. 

Results for Match Eatery and Public House

Chicken and waffles sandwich

Bread - THIS AIN'T NO BREAD, IT'S WAFFLES! Fluffy af waffles! Only point of criticism is that my waffles weren't hot 4/5


Sauce- I don't exactly know what it was but it tasted like a maple mayo 5/5

Veg - Lettuce, tomatoes, and it came with a side salad. Bonus points for the side salad.. 5/5

Breaking the Jaw- Had to crush the fluffiness of the waffles to fit it into my mouth 4/5

Price - Sandwich is listed at $14 + $1 for house salad

Overall score 23/25 - 92% - Please note, this rating is on the sandwich only. Does not factor in service, atmosphere, cost. 

If you can't tell that I loved every aspect of the sandwich above then please read the follow. If you love chicken and waffles, this is an amazing sandwich on every level.  

The newly coveted rating scale: 5 Quins out of 5 Quins

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