Papa's Gourmet Pizza - How Gourmet is it?

Location: 3030 Main St, Vancouver, BC 

Meal:  Two slices of pizza with pop. Meat lovers and pepperoni. 

Atmosphere: Not a lot of seating inside, 6 spots on the covered patio with a space heater.

Service: Staff was friendly and welcomed everyone who came in the door. 

Bottom line: From a pizza comparison standpoint, it's better than Uncle Fatih's. This pizza reminds me of when I used to eat Pizza Factory as a kid. I really didn't see the gourmet aspect of it but it was alright. It did hit the spot but it was nowhere as good as the wood oven baked pizzas from Whole Foods. From a texture point of view, it was the dough that seemed a bit thick. The meat lovers slice was probably my favourite because the pepperoni seemed to be undercooked, or at least the meat part. 

Out the door price: $4.85 

Repeat: No, unless I'm drunk and stumbling for something to eat

Final Rating:  3/5

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