Chef Tony Dim Sum - The solution to eating Dim Sum Alone

Location: 4700 Kingsway,Burnaby, Burnaby, BC

Meal: 4 pieces dim sum with a steam chicken with rice 

Atmosphere: Food court atmosphere, very diverse, lots of people watching. 

Service: The line flow seems incorrect compared to all the other places. Instead of starting one end and ending up at the cashier, you go to the cashier and there is really no opportunity to walk down the line. The steam rice takes about 10 minutes but it really took 20 minutes. 

Bottom line: The truffle Siu Mai was really small but tasted pretty good. The meat was really white and that was concerning at first but it's Chef Tony's dim sum, trust it right? Spring roll, I don't recommend that dim sum because half of it was chewy. Har Gao was a pass, no complaints there but not really mind blown either. The deep fried dumpling was pretty good though. 

The steam chicken rice was probably the highlight cause it was freshly steamed. It reminded me a lot of the places at Aberdeen in terms of the taste and also how long it took. When I come back next time, I'll definitely do the 9 or 10 pieces dim sum and skip the rice. 

Out the door price: Under $13

Repeat: Yes, going to try lonely breakfast club at the food court with all my Chinese grandpa and grandma homies.

Final Rating: 

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