Keep Instagram Social and Not About Our Egos

Keep Instagram Social and Not About Our Egos

Instagram is full of selfies, food pics, car pics, mirror pics, vacation pics, anything about us. That’s social media, displaying our lives for others to see and sometimes hear as well (I’m fully aware of the non-ego part of social media as well but it’s mostly swayed towards the ego).

The one thing that I’ve noticed in the past couple years though is how lazy people are getting with the comment aspect. Using emojis, one word comments, 3 words comments, or generic comments. For what purpose though? I’ve thought about the top 3 reasons why someone would do this.

  1. For a naiive person to click the user name after receiving a comment to check out someone’s profile.
  2. Comment for comment.
  3. Hopes that someone will check out their profile and follow them.

Leaving a comment such as “Cool shot” or “Nice photo” or fire emoji, doesn’t really contribute to the social aspects of social media. Instead, what are some things that you should do? (Sorry if you got called out below)

  1. Leave meaningful comments if content speaks to you.
  2. Try to connect with individuals with asking questions.
  3. Direct messaging someone to let them know how you feel about something you saw (keep it positive or just move on).
  4. Try to write more than 5 words.

The new friends I’ve met on Instagram are all through genuine interest of content and in turn, have turned into rad friendships. Stop thinking about your follower count, likes, and start connecting with more meaning.

Much Love,