The Gray Olive Cafeteria - The search for the perfect sandwich

I'm currently in search of Vancouver's perfect sandwich. 

Here is how I'm rating the sandwiches: 

5 points scale with half points available 

A. Bread - is it fresh, taste, texture, hardness, toasted?

B. The meat - how good is it? Does it work? Is it too salty? 

C. The sauce - how does the sauce compliment everything? Does it all tie in together?

D. The veg - are you using quality veg, is there generous amounts? Does the veg work?

E. Breaking the jaw - how severe is this sandwich? How well is it constructed ?

The Top 5 sandwiches in my long term review will be contacted to be featured in my video. 

Results for The Gray Olive Cafeteria's

Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Hot Gravy

Bread - Toasted baguette that reminded me of Bahn Mi sandwiches. Good level of crunch, good texture, light enough that it wasn't too doughy. - 5/5

Meat- Damn this chicken, the perfect roasted chicken that felt like they plucked the meat off a freshly roasted bird. So good, so tender, juicy af. 5/5

Sauce- Black pepper aioli but having that gravy reminded me of a fresh thanksgiving sandwich. Like eating thanksgiving in a sandwich without the turkey but with chicken. 4.5/5

Veg - pea shoots and pickled onions 3/5 

Breaking the Jaw- It was close, really had to open up that jaw to let the food flow in 3.5/5

Price - $10.00 plus tip

Overall score 21/25 - 81% - This is a messy sandwich, like wash your hands after eating type of sandwich. The chicken with the havarti really mix well together. I just really wish there was more veg and the common theme I'm noticing is that veg is missing in lots of sandwiches. But this is a decent sandwich, the one I had didn't have crackling cause they sold out of it but I would say the score would be even higher with it. Colour me impressed. As a side note, if you haven't tried their potatoes, please do, it's cooked perfect and with the sesame mayo, to die for.