Finch's Tea and Coffee House - The search for the perfect sandwich

I'm currently in search of Vancouver's perfect sandwich. Using the help of recommendation from my Instagram friends, Finch's Tea and Coffee House was highly recommended. 

Here is how I'm rating the sandwiches: 

5 points scale with half points available 

A. Bread - is it fresh, taste, texture, hardness, toasted?

B. The meat - how good is it? Does it work? Is it too salty? 

C. The sauce - how does the sauce compliment everything? Does it all tie in together?

D. The veg - are you using quality veg, is there generous amounts? Does the veg work?

E. Breaking the jaw - how severe is this sandwich? How well is it constructed ?

The Top 5 sandwiches in my long term review will be contacted to be featured in my video. 

Results for Finch's

The Continental

Bread - May be the softest baguette I've ever had. Usually they're hard and chewy. Not toasted, cold sandwich. I think it would be better as hot sandwich but it's preference - 4/5

Meat- The prosciutto was overpowered by the cheddar cheese, couldn't really taste the meat. 3.5/5

Sauce- The mayo had a herb/citrus hint to it which was nice. Not too overpowering, didn't conquer the sandwich, complimented the soft bread and overall sandwich. 3.5/5

Veg - Just micro greens, nothing special. 2/5 

Breaking the Jaw- This sandwich did not break my jaw, no click was heard.  3/5

Price - $11.00 plus tip

Overall score 16/25 - 64% - it seems low, but personally, it wasn't what I was looking for. Service was good though, server was really friendly, had an accent that made my mind go blank. The atmosphere was very chic and I see the appeal but it wasn't for me. I'm sure Lee would have a totally different score but I'm looking for an explosion of flavour and layers in my mouth. Also it could be the sandwich I picked with cheddar that dominated the flavour palette. I still think the hype is real based on the overall package of service, atmosphere, and offerings. 



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