Nemesis Coffee - Wow'd by the cookie

Location: 302 W Hastings Street, Gastown, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Americano and a Salted Chocolate chip cookie

Atmosphere: Bright seating on the left side as you enter, darker seating on the right side. Aesthetically pleasing. Simple logo design, but I would have made the marketing on the cup way more prominent. 

Service: No complaints, just took my order, other person made my coffee, left room for cream but I drink my Americano black. 

Bottom line: After being wow'd by Caffe Veroni, I decided to drink this Americno black without cream to compare the two styles. I'm sure it has something to do with the beans and that variable can't be controlled unless both shops used the same beans. But I found the Americano much more acidic at Nemesis Coffee. Besides the coffee, the cookie was amazing, the salt works and it really hits the spot. The thickness of the cookie was what got me to say, I WANT THAT. Other than that, I was disappointed to not be able to get a seat, we had to drink our coffee in the cold. If I had a seat, I would have ordered the duck and waffles.

Out the door price: Around $9 with tip

Repeat: Unfortunately not, I'm not in Gastown often and the coffee did not suit my taste. 

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