Meat & Bread - The search for the perfect sandwich

I'm currently in search of Vancouver's perfect sandwich. Using the help of recommendation from my Instagram friends, Meat & Bread was highly recommended. 

Here is how I'm rating the sandwiches: 

5 points scale with half points available 

A. Bread - is it fresh, taste, texture, hardness, toasted?

B. The meat - how good is it? Does it work? Is it too salty? 

C. The sauce - how does the sauce compliment everything? Does it all tie in together?

D. The veg - are you using quality veg, is there generous amounts? Does the veg work?

E. Breaking the jaw - how severe is this sandwich? How well is it constructed ?

The Top 5 sandwiches in my long term review will be contacted to be featured in my video. 

Results for Meat & Bread

The Porchetta Sandwich

Bread - Ciabatta, fresh, soft, airy, crispy shell, sponge like. 4/5

Meat - Holy %$#*ing #@!#!!#$#%##$% you get the soft and crunchy, perfectly seasoned. Chinese people would be impressed cause we eat a lot of BBQ pork ribs similar to the porchetta. 5/5

Sauce - Impressive. Real impressive. The herbs is the first flavour that hits the tongue, it's not a dominating flavour, it's almost an awakening of your senses to prep you for the porchetta.  The bread is like a sponge that keeps it in place so every bit contains layers of bread, sauce, and meat. Dammit it was good. 5/5

Veg - Meat & Bread. Enough said. 0/5

Breaking the Jaw- No click, not overstuffed. 3/5 

Price: $9.50 pre-tax

Overall score: 16/25 64% (I'm starting to think something is wrong with my scores... Perhaps it needs to be bell curved or something. That's the one thing SFU has taught me). 

This is by no means a low score and as a highly recommended place, I have to say, I'm going to be a repeat customer for sure. I'm impressed Meat & Bread. 👏

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