Location: McDonald's, all locations... I think. 

Meal: Sausage McMuffin, hash brown, Big Mac Meal, and coke to drink.

Atmosphere: Drive thru, it was lit, chilling with the gangster Bear, he rollin' like a true OG with the window down.

Service: McDonald's service times seem to have dropped since the introduction of those touch screens, or maybe that's just me. 

Bottom line: I haven't had McDonald's breakfast in probably 6 months so when I heard about the All Day Breakfast option, I was stoked that I could eat breakfast for one of my cheat meals. But here's the thing, why was my sausage McMuffin half hard? Don't have an all day breakfast if you're going to do it half ass. Seriously, half of the muffin part was HARD, thank God I just put a crown in or I would have eff'd my tooth. Hashbrown was also cold, hopefully it wasn't from the morning rush LOL. Big Mac was fine and so were the fries, but damn, I was disappointed with my breakfast. 

Out the door price: $18 with an extra Sausage McMuffin for T.

Repeat: NO, DO NOT GET THE ALL DAY BREAKFAST. Don't be cray. 

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