Goldstone Bakery Restaurant - The OG HK Breakfast Joint

Location: Goldstone Bakery Restaurant - 139 Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Breakfast B - 2 eggs, over medium, 2 pieces of spam, macaroni and ham in soup, and a pineapple bun with a slice of butter (extra 30 cents charge, worth it), with a HK style milk tea.

Atmosphere: Pretty large restaurant, smells like fresh bread, older decor. 

Service: Food comes out fast and furious. 

Bottom line: Wanted to review another HK breakfast joint and a lot of my friends suggest Goldstone Bakery Restaurant as the OG place to be. I can understand the nostalgia but it didn't meet my expectations. First off, the pineapple butter bun was top notch, I'll give them that. Eggs were done well, spam on the other hand was really thinly cut. The soup in the macaroni and ham didn't taste like the motherland. I'm sorry to say that the milk tea wasn't extraordinary either. If you're looking for a HK style breakfast place, I would suggest BT Cafe or M Cafe. 

Out the door price: $12 tip included

Repeat: No, my soup wasn't right and don't cheap out on the spam. 

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