Quick look at the Cinqo De Mayo Mexican Grill

Location: 101-200 West Esplanade Avenue, North Vancouver, BC

Meal: The naked burrito with black beans, chicken, corn, lettuce, pico, and salsa. + 1.00 guac.

Atmosphere: Hot. It's hot in hurr. Seriously, does it need to be this hot? I don't get the sense of clean in here. Imagine Chipotle and then imagine the opposite. That's this place. 

Service: Service felt slow. Watched the lady mix hot water into the refried beans and watched her stir to make more refried beans? YUM!....

Bottom line: Came here after work because I was desperate for a burrito bowl. Price wasn't bad. The chicken was shredded but over done (to be honest it could have been pulled pork). It was sloppy. Sloppy Mexican food doesn't give me confidence as I legit had thoughts about what will happen to me after my meal. Am I going to be that guy and have food poisoning and tell my friend, "I had Mexican food". Portion wasn't as big as Chipotle and didn't even come close to the standard I'm use to. 

Out the door price: $10.00 give or take

Repeat: No, I didn't feel safe about my meal. Good to report that I had no health issues the day after. 


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