The Gray Olive Cafeteria - The Hottest New Restaurant In North Burnaby

Let me cut to the chase, this is one of the BEST new restaurants in North Burnaby. Hands down. After you read my review, you should get dressed and head out immediately. 

Menu is on the wall when you enter on your left side.

Menu is on the wall when you enter on your left side.

I had a bad craving for chicken and waffles for the past week so I made it my mission to scratch that itch (good itch). Enter The Gray Olive Cafeteria, owned and operated by three brothers, experienced restauranteurs, they had a mission to create the best breakfast joint in Burnaby. 

I said it in my cheat day week 4 video (, within a month, there will be a line up around the block. I had two things on their menu and I'm convinced the rest of their menu is lit. 

First up, chicken and waffles. As you may have read in my previous reviews of places that serve waffles, I'm not a fan of pre-made waffles. The waffles at The Gray Olive Cafeteria was FRESH, CRISPY, LIGHT, and HOT. There's a hint of lemon zest in the batter unless I had a mini stroke in my mind, but it was done to perfection. The chicken was seasoned perfectly, chicken thigh and drum stick. It came with a spicy ketchup Korean inspired sauce which was a nice touch, really elevated the sweet and savoury. I came here for this, but what blew my mind was the Pork Belly Breaky Sandwich.

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. If there was a perfect breakfast sandwich, this is probably the closest thing I've ever encountered. The perfect relationship of sauce, meat, bun, and veggies. The initial bite exploded all over my hands, the immediate evidence that this is a sloppy but OH SO YUMMY sandwich. I thought the chicken and waffles was the star until I took my first bite. 

Honesty, the pricing here is fair and the value is there. It's super casual, help yourself to water, throw away your own cutlery, but if it keeps prices down when food trucks are costing an arm and a leg, why not keep it casual. 

REPEAT?!?! - Heck yes.  

Big thank you to Nadine and the folks at The Grey Olive Cafeteria for allowing me to film in their restaurant. I'll be back for that burger. 

The Grey Olive Cafeteria - 4190 Hastings Street, Burnaby, Burnaby, BC V5C 2J4

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