Came For The Tamago, Found The Legend - Sushi Itoga

Remember Fuji Sushi? The last affordable authentic Japanese restaurant, so I thought, until today. The head chef from Fuji Sushi is still working! He's at Sushi Itoga, still massaging the nigiri and teaching the next generation of sushi chefs. I missed this old cute man, zero expressions, all business. 

What brought me here is @Amyfoodqueen's Instagram post where I saw a hand crafted tamago. Sometimes tamagos are solid yellow in colour, that's machine made, true tamago has layers and different grades of colour in it. I had to see for myself and to my surprise, the Fuji chef was there. I knew this was gonna be good. 

I ordered the assorted sushi nigiri because I just had a huge meal but I needed some nigiri in me. 

The tamago is as good as I remembered it. When I was younger, sitting at the bar with my dad, I'd admire the slab of tamago that was ready for slicing. For those wasabi connoisseurs, it's hot, authentic hot. 

It's pretty nostalgic to find one of my all time favourite sushi chefs still working. Brings a tear to my eye just to know that he's still trucking along making great sushi. Next time, I'm going to get the chirashi #legendary 

Repeat?  Yes, because the head chef is my homie from the burbs.

Sushi Itoga - 1668 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

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