BIRRY EATS: "A life changing meal" - Sura Korean BBQ

It's always great to catch up with old friends, especially friends whom I have such a long history with. We were supposed to go to Midame Cafe and Bistro but for some reason, there doors were closed at 11:30am when the signs said opens at 11am. 

In any case, my friend Corey suggested that we go to his favourite Korean restaurant, Sura Korean BBQ. I've walked by this place before but never really wanted to try it but there's always a line up (like a club). Corey said to me before we went in, "it's a life changing meal". Hyping it up, WAY up. My expectations are in the sky now. Here's the kicker... He wasn't exaggerating. Even the host at the door was exceptionally good looking, agreed by all parties involved. 

I've never been to a Korean restaurant with service like this one. The "bell" was no where to be found because the service was incredible. If any restaurant suffers from poor service, they need to see what Sura is doing. Absolutely mind blowing the amount of attention they give to their customers. 

Besides the service, the food was amazing. Every dish, to small appie dishes were fantastic (gotta mention the kimchi, it was spicy but delish, perfectly balanced). We ordered the lunch special, $20 per person, and it was a lot of food. It was actually the perfect cheat day meal and I'm glad Corey and Jayme brought me here. The bar has been raised pretty high now for Korean food. They also have a $200 per person dinner special that requires a minimum of 4 people. Sounds pretty baller to me, GoFundMe and I'll review it ;) 

Thanks for reading as always and hit me up on social media if you have any comments or suggestions. 

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