Phnom Penh

Location: 244 E Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Filet beef luc lac with egg, Chicken wings large, BBQ lemongrass chicken with shredded pork and ham, butter beef. 


Service:  Not bad, they're hella efficient and know what their popular dishes are. Easy to ask for recommendations, they'll even upsell you.

Atmosphere: Loud, packed, you'll probably wait in line for a table. 

Bottom line: BEST CHICKEN WINGS EVER. I should end the review there but the filet beef luc lac is fire emoji. I really like that dish and the butter beef is crazy good. I don't know what else to say but this place is so worth it. 


Out the door price: It came out to just over $100 with 4 beers, 2 orders of chicken wings and the stuff above.

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 5/5  3 Birry moans out of 3 (I make involuntary moaning noises when I eat).

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