#2017FlipChallenge - How to make $20,170 in 2017

#2017FlipChallenge - This shit is the blunt force trauma that you need to wake the fuck up for 2017 (we're all adults here). We're not talking about flipping cups! Gary Vaynerchuk is talking about utilizing your time wisely and selling the stuff you don't use on Ebay, Craigslist, Bidwars, etc.

I've been reading a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk lately and his phrases of hustle, crush it, being in the cloud and in the dirt is motivating af (if you don't know what af means, ask a millennial). If you enjoy his pace start off at his Youtube Channel, head to his twitter, and then to his Instagram @Garyvee.  

Set a goal and begin working towards it one step at a time. I've been preaching one step at a time to my wife for a long time. When you take small steps, before long, you look back and you see how far you've come. 

For me, 2017 is the year of self help, self improvement, and get shit done. I've wasted too much time in 2016 on my PS4, on my phone, and on my couch. Utilize your time wisely and work towards the bigger goals in your life.

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Don't focus on your past, learn from it, live in the present, and work towards that goal in the future.