Amazon Prime - The answer for men who don't like malls

The answer is quite simple, I do not enjoy going to malls. I rather wait a couple days for something I want than go to the closest Best Buy to get it right away. Crowds, drivers, finding a parking spot, those are all the things I hate about traditional shopping. All the factors above give me severe anxiety and I sweat because of it.

There's also something about receiving a package and unboxing your goods. It's almost like you have a pen pal or close relative that ships you goodies, but you're actually paying for it. $79 a year for 2 day shipping (same day shipping in some markets such as Vancouver on some items), Amazon Prime video (check out The Man in the High Castle), discount on Amazon essentials (you can never have enough lightning cables), and lots more perks. 

The reasons why I keep choosing to buy with Amazon are the reviews for each item and also the fact that more things come sooner than 2 business days. It's always nice to get things sooner that you expect it (this feature alone creates loyalty and reputation, plus easy returns).

Pros: Faster shipping, Amazon Prime Video, discount on some items, Amazon web storage, discount on pre-order video games.

Cons: It's $79 a year, not all returns are free

I know there's an argument for helping local businesses, I get that. Here's what I say to that, become a foodie and visit your local restaurants. That way you're still injecting money into the local economy, plus what's the margin on a Gopro anyways? 

On a side note, if you shop in the U.S. a lot, get a Chase Amazon Visa card. They don't ding on currency exchange fees. Having said that, if you're from Canada, you must be crazy if you're shopping in the states with the current exchange rate. 

P.s. Amazon does not pay me anything to stroke their ego, that is unless you use my affiliate links and buy a reviewed product. 

Until next time.