BIRRY ASKS: Vol. 1 The Wandering Canadian

I've decided that connecting with people is one of the best sources of happiness for me. So I've decided to do a feature of interviewing people I know and total strangers, I present, The Wandering Canadian (TWC).

BR: How would your friends describe you? 

TWC: That's a great question. We were asked once if we were to be arrested what would it be for. My friend said I'd go down for indecent exposure haha. So perhaps a bit wild and fun and usually I feel that way. Sometimes I'd rather just sleep for three days. 

BR: Do you dream?  and if you do any recurring dreams?

TWC: I dreamt the other night that I had no money in my account because it was all liquid. Which makes no sense. But the dream, it was actual liquid. Water dripping out of a safe. I'm actually broke af from being a student. The reoccurring dream is that of my brother dying.  

BR: Damn that's deep, sucks that's a reoccurring dream.  How would you define happiness?

TWC: Being statisfied with who and where you are in life. Enjoying what you do. Living how you want to. 

BR: Do you set goals for ourself and how do you approach it if you do? 

TWC: Not really. There are things i want to achieve in life, so i go about doing them. Not always on a direct path, but things just kind of happen for me. I'm lucky that way. 

BR: What are your pet peeves?

TWC: Bad teeth. Poor hygiene. Know it alls. Dish cloths left wet in the sink. LOL. i'm sure there's more. Those are the big ones though.  

BR: I need to know more about this dish cloth. It's wet cause it's air drying right? 

TWC:  No, when it's wet and balled up and left on the table. It drives me crazy. 

BR: Fair enough LOL What would your opening line on Tinder be?

TWC: Nice Shirt, it'd look better on my floor


BR: What's your favourite cuisine and are there memories associated with it? 

TWC: Pasta. No carb left behind. Steak. Baked goods. I like food, good food, and junk food and that's why my pants dont fit.  

BR: I've actually been on a diet so what you said to me makes me drool. The one thing i'm dying to eat are waffles. I've been sitting at work just dreaming about eating a fluffy waffle with chicken on the side. 

BR:  Are you a single tasker or a multi tasker?

TWC: I multi task. Because I am a woman. 

BR: Do you feel like you get more done multitasking or does it take longer? 

TWC: Maybe not more done, but it's faster. 

BR: Are you an early bird or a night owl? and when are you the most productive and for how long? 

TWC: I'm a night owl. Hate mornings. I don't function properly before 10. And most productive between 10-12 and 1-2. Then a nap. lol. 

BR: 10am-12pm? or 10pm-12am? 


BR: Do you believe in God, heaven and hell, time travel, alternate realities, simulation theory, or any other beliefs?  

TWC: I do believe in God, in that there's a higher power. I believe in karma and that everything happens for a reason. I believe if we're good people then good things will come. We just need to get through the shit first.

BR:  If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing what would you tell her?

TWC: Stop rushing into relationships to validate yourself! You won't find your worth in a man! But I probably wouldn't listen. 

BR: Wow that's some powerful shit

TWC: I've been dealing with some stuff haha

BR: We all do in different levels of stuff

TWC: Yep. It just adds character

So that concludes Vol. 1 of Birry Asks, I hope you enjoyed it, it's a bit random but I'm trying to add different content. If you're interested in being interviewed, give me a shout out using the contact page, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the comments below. Have a wonderful day folks!