Yew Seafood + Bar

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC


Meal:  Smoked Salmon + Avo Toast, Seafood Croque Madame, French Toast, Lobster Benny

Seafood Croque Madame

Seafood Croque Madame

Service: At a place this calibre, you would think the service would be spectacular. Our server was disengaged and showed no interest in his job. I've been to places where the server was warm and this one was cold af. 

Lobster Benny

Lobster Benny

Atmosphere: Loved the decor, taking our jackets was a nice touch. 

French toast

French toast

Bottom line: First time ever at Yew and the experience was ok. Started off the meal with sugar coated mini donuts with a strawberry syrup. I ordered the smoked salmon + avo toast, the others ordered seafood croque madame, french toast, and lobster benny. I tried the seafood croque madame and it was delish but it was pretty spicy. It doesn't say it on the menu so be careful. My smoked salmon toast was pretty decent, I loved the smokey flavour of the toast. I had a small bite of the french toast as well and it was different but good. But here's the thing, this wasn't the best brunch ever and at this price, the whole experience should have been amazing. 

Out the door price: Under $120 plus tip

Repeat: No

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Original New Town Bakery

Location: 3484 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Steam bbq pork buns and coconut cocktail buns

Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Bakery but very bare for a bakery.

Bottom line: Being the "original" New Town Bakery, I expected way more than was offered. There were only 3 options for baked buns... Is this for reals? They had tons of steamed buns but I was hoping to buy a box of baked buns. In any case, their coconut cocktail bun was probably one of the best ones I've ever had. Soft, tender, smooth, what other words can describe this delectable bun? 

Out the door price: Under $6 for 4 buns

Repeat: Maybe

Final Rating: 4/5 huge point off for poor bun selection hun. 

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Pronto - Take out edition

Location: 3473 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Porchetta sandwich and prosciutto sandwich 


Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: I loved the decor in here. Felt really rustic and semi-mid century. I came when they open so there wasn't much action besides one customer.


Bottom line: I have to talk about why I was disappointed first. You know how Meat and Bread, they cut it from the roast? I watched the sandwich maker take a bowl out, unwrap the plastic wrap, and pull the porchetta out of the bowl. WHERE WAS THE ROAST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! WTF. I felt like I got tricked. Where's the roast that was in the picture on your website?!?!?!!?!? Besides that, the sandwich tasted good. Lillian's prosciutto was freshly sliced and stuffed with other things that made it pretty spectacular. Besides my disappointment, I'd probably go back to see if they would have a fresh roast.

Out the door price: Under $19

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Mr Red Cafe

Location: 2234 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

IMG_7466 2.JPG

Meal: Honey butter wings, spring rolls, salad roll, chicken and pork ball pho. 

Service:  Lots of tea refills and quick turn around for food.

Atmosphere: Nice decor in the new location. Very casual.

Bottom line: A lot of people like Mr Red and it's different. It's good but I can't justify the cost. for 4 people it was about $80 which is quite a bit for Pho. Salad roll is a pass, the spring roll was pretty good, my pho felt like it could have used another handful of noodles. Tea was unique though and I enjoyed that the most. 

Repeat: No

IMG_9673 2.JPG

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Location: 200 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Ebi Fritters, Salmon oshi sushi, Saba oshi sushi, half order Miku roll, half order Sunset roll, and half order Red wave roll.

Service:  Beyond amazing. Classy af.

Atmosphere: Nice bright table to admire the food with a view of the harbour. 


Bottom line: Mind blown. Miku lived up to the hype and the allure in my mouth. I think at one point while I placed the salmon oshi into my mouth, I said this is near orgasmic. My favourites were definitely both the oshi sushis and the Miku roll. It's melt in your mouth richness that makes you dream about this on another level. We are definitely going back 

Repeat: Yes

Cost: $120 with tip and drinks

Final Rating: 5/5

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Ichikame Shokudo

Location: 6956 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC

Meal: Oden set, spam sushi, fried chicken nuggets

Service:  Service was good, no complaints. They accept debit and major credit cards.

Atmosphere: A small restaurant that can get loud if it's busy. Felt like a franchise cafeteria sort of. 

Bottom line: My friends and I debated about coming here because we were looking for authentic Japenese food. This is a Chinese owned restaurant but we still gave it a go. Menu looks super polished, almost franchise like. I ordered an Oden set which was assorted fish cakes, radish, and other things in soup. I also order a spam sushi which was some next level spam. You know that red Chinese sausage you can get at BBQ meat stores in Chinatown? It tasted like that, in spam form. Finally, the fried chicken nuggets were pretty on point. My friend's had ramen and it was on the meh side. Dynamite roll was also sub-par. 

Repeat: Probably not, not in the area a lot

Final Rating: 3/5

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Phnom Penh

Location: 244 E Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Filet beef luc lac with egg, Chicken wings large, BBQ lemongrass chicken with shredded pork and ham, butter beef. 


Service:  Not bad, they're hella efficient and know what their popular dishes are. Easy to ask for recommendations, they'll even upsell you.

Atmosphere: Loud, packed, you'll probably wait in line for a table. 

Bottom line: BEST CHICKEN WINGS EVER. I should end the review there but the filet beef luc lac is fire emoji. I really like that dish and the butter beef is crazy good. I don't know what else to say but this place is so worth it. 


Out the door price: It came out to just over $100 with 4 beers, 2 orders of chicken wings and the stuff above.

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 5/5  3 Birry moans out of 3 (I make involuntary moaning noises when I eat).

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Location: 1850 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Herb chicken penne with sundried tomatoes

Service:  Awesome server who was friendly and very communicative. 

Atmosphere: It's a nice place with a nice wine wall. 

Bottom line: I think I've been here before or perhaps I've only been to the Burnaby location. But we came here for Tratt Tuesday which is $13 for all plates of pasta. The portions are always a bit on the small size but maybe it's just right when you have a beer. Taste of the pasta was really good, no complaints from me beside the portion size. The food came really quick as well, almost as quick as pho. 

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Tractor (Olympic Village)

Location: 1751 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Qunioa berry salad and the kimchi salad with 2 pieces of seared tuna

Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Cafeteria style. It was strange, a lot of lonely diners in here. I would totally fit in fine just eating by myself here.

Bottom line: I've always wanted to try Tractor but never had the opportunity to so I finally did. Lillian gave me some solid recommendations so I went with the above 2 salads and tuna. Tuna was really good, like seriously good. But the two pieces were $9 or $9.50? Pretty pricey for protein. In hindsight, I should have just gotten the chicken. I enjoyed both salads and it was good to see they serve Four Winds there. Good thing to note that their steak smelled amazing on the grill.

Out the door price: $17

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe

Location: 3292 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  26 "The Farmer and 27 "Salmon and Chives" or was it shrimp...

Service:  Diner-style service, we got coffee refills so not bad. 

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is solid. It felt like I was transported to some other realm or city. The windows are small so it's hard to see where you are beside the decor. 

Bottom line: I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of Dutch breakfast. It was definitely a hearty breakfast and my option was plainer because I can't eat hollandaise. Lillian's was a bit better because she had cheese in it and it definitely made a BIG difference in the flavour department. 

Out the door price: Under $40 with tip

Repeat: no

Final Rating: 3/5  1.5 moans out of 3

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