Location: 1488 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Jamjar is a Doordash affiliate so if you're strapped on time, pick up that phone and order in using Doordash. If you want to give Doordash a try, use this link http://drd.sh/h5hgNq/ to save $10 your first order.

We went here because we wanted to be on the patio and enjoy the sun. We ordered the following: 


- Seasonal olives

- Humus with minced beef

- Deep fried cauliflower

- Lamb sausages

- Pacific cod in a tahini sauce 

First off, almost every dish was amazing except the lamb sausages. The humus with spiced minced beef was maybe the best humus I've ever had in my life. I could eat a whole dish of that to myself. 


The deep fried cauliflower was done in a pomegranate molasses sauce. Nice balance of acidity and sweetness combined with the crunch and soft texture made this dish amazing. 


Lamb sausage was a bit underwhelming compared to the rest of the dishes. Sausage were very narrow and thin, reminded me of thinner Chinese sausages. Taste was ok. 


As for the pacific cod skillet, that tahini sauce was amazing hot, the cod was had a perfect sear on it, and it's just a great dish to dip your pita in. 

Service was pretty good, no complaints, beer selection is ok, I would suggest the Steamworks IPA over the 33 Acres of Sunshine that comes in a bottle vs the pint of IPA. Cocktails on the other hand, that's another story. I had a couple sips of the two that Lil got and they were amazing. I don't recall the names of them but I do recommend that you try a cocktail out yourself. 

Rating: 5/5 this is the type of food you dream about


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Location: 4298 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

My foray into the vegan cuisine experience was very short. I personally didn't find the food or snacks appetizing until I recently discovered for myself, Chickpea. 

First off, the smell that radiates from this place is drool inducing. I've spent many nights waiting for orders here for Doordash and wanting to eat here asap. Secondly, the atmosphere and decor is very Main St. I love looking at the decoration at the top near the ceiling. Third, their menus have old school hardcover books, such a throwback. 

But you came here for the food and I assure you, the food is amazing. Never would I thought I would give a vegan place a perfect score, but Chickpea deserves it. I ordered the Cauliflower of Life which is: 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 17.39.24 PM.png

I was enlightened to the point where I would go vegan if every meal was this good. Ordering the platter gives you humus, pita, salad, and the legendary chickpea fries. The chickpea fries are a must cause it's drizzled with a sweet chilli sauce and when fresh, the middle is oh so good. 

Lil ordered:

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 17.41.33 PM.png

She loved her platter and would order again for sure. 

Keep in mind, if you're early, you won't have to wait long for your food. From 3pm to 6pm they have happy hour deals like pita and a pint for $15, pints of craft beer for $5, and deals on house made cocktails. 

Rating: 5/5 because it was so elfin good. 

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Norman Rudy's Pub

Location: 40900 Tantalus Rd, Garibaldi Highlands, BC aka Squamish

We recently checked our Norman Rudy's Pub for dinner. Unfortunately we went on a night where they were having a corporate event with a live band. 


The line up:

- Avocado fries

- Spicy wings

- Spicy Chicken burger

- Chicken Caesar salad

Spicy wings were really good, a late kick but definitely worth it. Spicy chicken burger was surprisingly good. Two chicken cutlets, aged cheddar, spicy mayo, and a slab of kimchi. The kimchi was perfect in so many ways and it elevated this burger. As for the chicken Caesar salad, it was on point and I ended up finishing it for Lil. 


As for beer, they have a Phillips White Unicorn IPA, I definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it before. 

Overall service was great, I'll be back cause I recently won a prize at Squamish Days so round 2 of that chicken burger here I come!

Rating: 4/5


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The New Oxford Public House (Happy Hour)

Location: 1144 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC


If you've been on the main page, you've notice that I'm featuring BrewHound, the Happy Hour app. I found The New Oxford Public House with the app and ordered a half dozen of buck a shuck oysters and an IPA. They also have chicken Karage on special as well if you want something cooked. Oysters were ok... a bit more on the slimey side. The condiment selection for the oysters were ok, not the best options I've been presented. Besides the food, the service was great, I had a very attentive server who was super friendly. Overall, I think this would be a great place for a first date.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Green Leaf Sushi

Location: 3416 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Green Leaf Sushi has been on my radar for awhile now, but recently, I started to deliver for Doordash and I was fortunate enough to have a couple of deliveries from them. As I waited for the order, I took in the smell and presentation of the food. I knew that I needed to try the food as soon as I could. 


Fast forward to the next day, it was date night and I really wanted to try their oshi. We ordered their aburi oshi combo which came with 6 types of oshi. Scallops, shrimp, salmon, a roll, tuna, and mackerel. We also ordered their Crispy roll to try out their in house peanut sauce. The Crispy roll is good, definitely a should try but not a must try. 


As for the oshi, the scallop was my favourite, followed by the tuna, salmon, shrimp, the roll, and lastly the mackerel. The mackerel tasted a bit dry for my taste compared to the other ones I've tried. Overall, it was a great experience as we waited in line for less than 15 minutes and the food came relatively quick. 

If you want to try it in the comforts of your own home, save $10 on your first order through Doordash using the promo link below. 


Rating: 5/5 For good value and aburi oshi

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La Baguette et Compagnie (Davie St)

Location: 1102 Davie St, Vancouver, BC

If you're looking for French baked goods, La Baguette et Compagnie is the first place you should check out. We tried two of their croissants, the butter croissant and the chocolate almond croissant. The butter croissant was really fluffy, crispy, and soft in the middle. Their butter is imported from another country so it's extra rich. The chocolate almond croissant was delightful. The almond filling near the bottom was amazing and combined with the chocolate, it's quite the treat. 

If you want something savoury, they have other options like baguette sandwiches and quiches. Lunch specials are pretty decent and affordable. As for their coffee, I had a black drip coffee and it was excellent, not acidic, perfectly balanced for my pallet. 

Rating: 5/5 

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Location: 97 East 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC

The old location of the Steel Toad has been converted into a welcoming space with plenty of communal tables. Besides a great setup to start casual conversations with strangers, they have classic arcade games like Pac Man (4 players), Street Fighter, and pinball games. Outdoor on their patio, they have a bean bag toss and also a ping pong table for you to reenact your favourite Forest Gump scene. 


But you came here for the beer and food. Well, I can say with full confidence that this is now one of the top 3 places I would recommend for craft beer. Their Brewhall IPA is full of that pine flavour we come to love above IPAs. They also have a BC collaboration of all the craft breweries to make a super IPA. Finally, they do have a 9% Brewhall IPA for those who want to get toast after a pint. 


I'm not a huge fan of sours but they have a neat Cherry Cola sour that you should give a shot!


As for food, prices are decent, check out www.brewhall.com for their full menu. I ordered crinkle fries which are pretty much perfectly made McCain fries and their Godfather Pizza. It's no R&B pizza but for under $12, it's enough for one person to snack on. 

IMG_0348 2.jpg

Also note, self service Portland style, which I love. More places should do this for sure. 

Great first experience, I'll be sure to bring some cash money for the arcade next time.

Rating: 5/5 for an amazing selection of IPAs. 


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Location: 1938 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Lots of buzz surrounding Maenam recently as an A list celebrity said that Maenam was her favourite restaurant in Vancouver. Is the endorsement real? We decided to try ourselves.

Ordered the following: 

- Pad Thai with Shrimp

- 8 Spice Ling Cod

- Side order of jasmine rice


Pad Thai was very good, I would say the top 3 best pad Thai's I've had. Excellent balance of flavours where you want more and more. Add some of their house chilli flakes to excite your senses even further. 


The 8 spice ling cod was amazing. Deep fried and glazed with a sugar sauce, sprinkled with flash fried basil leafs, this dish is amazing. It has a little bit of a kick but it's a very different Thai dish. The sauce at the bottom goes great with the rice. 

The experience was amazing, we were already talking about a second visit in the future. The only downside was how close the tables are and it's hard to have a conversation without the other patrons hearing about it (it's something to keep in mind). Prices are also on the higher end of Thai cuisine. If you're feeling baller, you can do the chef's choice which is around $50 a person.

Rating: 4/5 


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Max's Bakery & Delicatessen

Location: 3105 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC

This place is very similar to places like Breka and Bread Garden. A large deli with TONS of options for food. You want something sweet? They got you! Something hot and filling? Most definitely. Max's seems like a great place to meet up a friend for coffee or perhaps even a quick first date. 


I went with Lill and her friend Alex one morning and decided to get some breakfast. I ordered the turkey sausage patty wrap and Lill ordered the cheddar bacon quiche. Both were very good, hit the spot. My only complaint was that the wrap was a bit on the thin side and the eggs leaned towards the powder eggs you get at the Old Country Buffet. Taste was there, no complaints there. As for the coffee, it was decent, reminded me of diner style brews. 


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Moody Ales

Location: 2601 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC

Moody Ales is the last of the brewery row that I haven't tried. I've tried a beer once at a local pub and really didn't like it but figured I'd give it another shot. We ordered a flight and I tried the following: 1. A pineapple sour 2. IPA 3. Grapefruit Sour 4. Brandy Wine Brew. 


Their IPA is pretty decent with a nice pine taste to it. The pineapple sour isn't a true sour, more on the light side. Grape fruit was meh. Brandy Wine was 9% so if you get a big one, prepared to get lit. Overall, their patio is great, tons of indoor seating, no lines because it's further away from the main stretch of breweries. They also have board games so you don't have to stare at your friends or your phone awkwardly. P.S. Remember the card game Speed? 

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