Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

Location: 777 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC

I've lived in Vancouver for almost 30 years now and only last week did I try Joe Fortes for the first time. I've heard so much about this place that it has become legendary for me. Things like the oysters, their happy hour, and their chicken and waffles. 

I was fortunately enough to be invited for brunch and my first impression was, the hostesses seemed a bit rude (or perhaps their energy was off). But as we stepped inside, the first impression was classy. A live piano was being played and the music could be heard throughout the restaurant. 

We sat in this corner that resembled a library and had natural lighting peaking through. It was the little things that made our experience high end. 

You've come to my blog to read what I thought about the food so here we go.


We started with the Oyster Rockefeller - local oysters, spinach, pernod, hollandaise. An absolute dream. The sauce and the spinach, thinking about it is making my mouth water. 


I ordered the Lobster and Shrimp roll which came on a fresh hoagie. Lightly toasted and with butter spread, it had this fresh seafood taste in my mouth. As much as it tasted light, it was a heavy meal. Their side salad was definitely the best side salad I've ever had. 


Lillian ordered the Cured Salmon on house made bread with scramble eggs and side salad. I had a taste of it and the Salmon with eggs compliment each other. 


Lorna ordered the chicken and waffles and we decided to share our dishes because we both wanted to try each other's. The waffles were perfect, just the way I like them. Nice aroma, warm, crispy edges, and enough fluff. The chicken on the other hand felt a bit heavy on the breading, the chicken was pounded thinly which resembled a schnitzel. 


Lillian's mom ordered Joe's Signature Benny, wild mushrooms, prosciutto, truffle sage hollandaise. I didn't try the benny but I did have the hash browns and boy were they amazing. 

Bottom line: Hashbrowns, side salad, oyster Rockefeller are the must try at Joe Fortes. I bet they have other must tries but there's always next time.

Rating: 4/5

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Chewies Oyster Bar

Location: 2201 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC

I've been wanting to go to Chewies for the longest time. We're talking about years and never had the opportunity to until now. This is another restaurant that Lillian raves about so I made it a priority to go try it asap. We went for Happy Hour on a Friday which starts at 5pm and ends at 7pm. Beer specials are $5 for BC beers, Rye shots for $5, House wines on special, buck a shuck for $1.25 (I don't recall exactly but it was more than a dollar). 

Beer selection is great, they have the Trash Panda IPA from Parallel 49, also the Graffiti IPA from Parks Brewery. The oysters were really good, big pieces with excellent sauces that came with them. The also shave fresh horseradish with every order. At happy hour, you can order 6 max per person per order. Keep in mind that it does take a while for them to shuck them so give yourself a lot of time. Their happy hour brussel sprouts is also a must try, there is blue cheese on it just incase you're not a fan. 

As for the other food, we ordered their calamari which was very soft and tender but their breading was overly salty. Their cajun fries were my favourite as it's an excellent sidekick to beer. The mac and cheese was really good as well, I had a couple bites of it during the night. Finally we ordered their famous fried chicken. $16 for two pieces and it came with a butter gravy which was delicious. I would say that their chicken would be in the top 5 range in Vancouver. One piece was overly dry, the seasoning is really tasty, the gravy is mind blowing. But for the price, that's the part that made the experience much less enjoyable. 

Bottom line, would I come back? Heck yes, definitely not ordering the chicken again though. It was nice to try but at that price, you can get a lot more value with something else. 

Rating: 4/5 

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Basil Pasta Bar (Skip The Dishes Edition)

Location: 1602 Yew Street, Vancouver, BC

We had some credits to use for dinner the other night so we decided on pasta. There wasn't a lot of options so we chose Basil Pasta Bar in Kits. It was the second time we used Skip The Dishes and it's very similar to Door Dash. You can save $7 on your first order with this link


Basil Pasta Bar is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Vancouver. Build your own pasta with no limits on ingredients except for the pasta, sauce, and cheeses. My creation was packed with veggies and meat and it was incredible. The meat balls are a must get. Lillian ordered a more simple spaghetti and she was also impressed but the quality of the meal. Our bill was $27 but came out to $20 with our credits. 


Rating: 5/5 I will order from them again for sure!

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Location: 1525 Yew Street, Vancouver, BC


Lillian was raving about how good Nook is so I decided that the following weekend we would treat ourselves to Nook for dinner. Line up was about 15-20 minutes which wasn't bad. The host was super friendly and almost like the guy from one of the home reno shows. 

They have a daily specials menu so be sure to check out the chalk board before you order. Awesome beers on tap and also a cider as well. 


I ordered their special pasta which was a bacon tomato sauce with a thicker noodle resembling udon but with a perfect cook to it. A tiny bit of kick to it but it was absolutely amazing. If they have it on special the next time I go, i'm definitely ordering the dish for myself and won't be sharing. 


As for their pizza, we ordered the prosciutto with arugula and roasted garlic. It has a sweet undertone and slightly salty finish. A very refreshing pizza to begin with and using their house olive oil to dip the crust = amazing. 

It's a bit on the pricey side but the food and service was perfect. 

Rating: 5/5   

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Damso Modern Korean Cuisine (AYCE CHICKEN WINGS)

Location: 770 Bute Street, Vancouver, BC

Yes you read the title correctly. ALL YOU CAN EAT CHICKEN WINGS, every day starting at 9pm. $14.99 per person with a drink order. 3 flavours available, honey garlic, sweet and spicy, and suicide hot. We tried the first 2 and enjoyed it, we didn't want to risk the $1.50 penalty for not finishing a wing. 


There was a bit of a line trying to get a table on a Friday night but it's expected due to its location. The wings came pretty quickly and they were piping hot. I would say that Damso has the third best wings in Vancouver. The sweet and spicy was definitely our favourite flavour and we made it three rounds before we threw in the towel. A total of 40 wings and about 20 each. The damage was about $25 with tip for 20 wings and a beer, worth it? maybe not but the experience was worth it. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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Sushi California (Door Dash Edition)

Location: 388 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

This is the second time ordering from Sushi California and the first time wasn't a fluke, this place is good. Luckily for me, I've gotten some Door Dash credits from referrals. (Click here for $10-$15 off your first order:

We ordered a BC roll, Alaska roll, aburi pizza, tuna and salmon sashimi, spicy tuna sashimi, and assorted nigiri. 


The Alaska roll is our favourite and it is the same as Sushi Town or Sushi Garden. The sauce on it is addictive and the avocado in the middle is always perfectly ripe. The next favourite dish is the spicy tuna sashimi as it uses that sweet Korean hot sauce mixed with shredded radishes on the bottom and cubed cucumbers. 

In terms of freshness, it's pretty damn fresh. Definitely one of the better budget sushi places in the area. 

Give it a try and save $10 on your next order by using this link As for Door Dash, it's easy AF to use. I love watching the icon move closer and closer to our home. The uber of food. 

Rating: 4/ 5

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Britannia Brewing Company

Location: 12240 Second Avenue, Richmond, Richmond, BC

Our friend Kadie and her brother Klayton are huge fans of Britannia Brewing Company and we found out why on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The best part is that they have a dog-friendly patio and my dog Bear was lucky enough to hang out with us. 


I know that it's sort of dumb to order something other than beer but I did. I ordered the fresh pressed granny smith apple juice with gin. It was very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. The shaved some cinnamon and nutmeg or something and it amplified the drink to another level.  I tried the beers as Lillian got a flight and they were equally good. 


Klayton was telling me that the chef here worked at a Michelin star restaurant in Dubai. If the rumours are true, then this may be quite the hidden gem as the prices for food were super reasonable. I definitely want to go back for some more beers and try out their food as it looked and smelled amazing. 

P.S. if you like truffle oil, try out their parmesan truffle oil popcorn. 



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Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Location: 108-777 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

We recently went to lunch with my Mom for dim sum. There isn't a ton of places in our area for traditional style dim sum. 

Dynasty doesn't have carts or order sheets. You have to order straight from the menu, so if that intimidates you, go elsewhere. 

Here are the things that were good: 

- Har Gow, Siu Mai, spring roll, egg tart, spare ribs, steamed bbq pork bun, bbq duck

The pieces are huge like more new restaurants are now a days. It's about quality and not quantity. 

Things that were meh:

- Pan fried radish cake, this donut style pastry with meat filling

Would I come back? Probably but after I give the other restaurants a try to see how it compares. 

Rating: 3/5 


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Electric Bicycle Brewing

Location: 20 E 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC

First off, this may have the weirdest name and the craziest decor of any of the breweries in Vancouver. The fact that they had a giant crazy dancing inflatable man describes the look and feel of this place. We went an hour before closing and managed to get a table for 4 in 15 minutes. We've walked by this place 4-5 times over the past month but was unable to get in. 

What beer did I try? I tried their Beet Ale. Yup, I said beet, it was ok... wasn't the best beer I had. Their IPA was ok as well. We also ordered some olives cause Lillian is an olive eating machine. 


Music was great, we got 10% off that night because we had some pattern shirts on. People serving were super friendly, unlike their neighbours down the street. I'd go back for the music and atmosphere for sure. 


Rating: 4/5 


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Mag's 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina

Location: 1584 Hwy 99, Squamish, BC

I've been to Squamish quite a bit in the past year and I've driven by Mag's 99 so many times without going in. Today, that changed as I made it my mission to try this infamous chicken #hype. 


Initial thoughts, I've never seen a door with that many stickers before. This place is like a hole in a wall art gallery with different themes. 

IMG_5099 2.jpg

Also they are in some major cities like London and Tokyo and then Squamish....? 

IMG_5102 2.jpg

Most people in line ordered Mexican food and the portions looked massive. I would suggest that you come starving. They serve beer on tap and in cans. But more about their Mexican menu, there is way more Mexican features than there is chicken, also they don't have tots :( 

You came here for the chicken review so here it is:


Initial thoughts, chicken tasted a bit dry, seasoning was good, but not the best. Wasn't overly oily on my fingers. The dark meat was juicy, probably the better of the two pieces. Verdict, did i want more? The answer is yes. Price is $3 for a single piece but the price lowers as you order more pieces. Is the hype real? Half real.

Rating: 4/5


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