Le Marche St. George

Location: 4393 Saint George Street, Vancouver, BC

I can't recall if I've rated a cafe with a perfect score yet. If I haven't, Le Marche St. George is the best cafe I've been to since I started food blogging. 

Why is it the best? 

  • The Americano is delicious AF
  • Cinnamon bun is perhaps the best yet (weekends only)
  • The employees working there are super friendly
  • Decor in the shop is awesome with tables outside, perfect for a sunny day

Rating: 5/5 


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Zipang Provisions

Location: 3068 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Zipang used to be known for it's extravagant plating of their sushi. It's been a year since I've been to this location and I was a bit disappointed when their artistic plating was missing. 

What did we order:


Chicken karage with garlic mayo

2x Toro 2x Salmon 1x Red Tuna 1x Unagi

Saba Oshi

Salmon Oshi

Four Winds IPA x 2

Their chicken karage here is pretty decent especially with their garlic mayo. Crispy and juicy, make sure you don't burn your tongue. All of our nigiri tasted pretty fresh and delicious. My only thought was that their nigiri seemed like it was on the pricier range (more than Toshi). I was happy to find out that they offer aburi oshi that was decent. Their salmon offering is better than their Saba. Saba was leaning on the fishier side compared to other places. 

Other than that, service was good, ambiance is good, it's just a bit pricey compared to other places around the area that are on par or even better. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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La Taqueria (Main St)

Location: 2521 Main St. Vancouver, BC

We came here after a couple of beers from Brassneck. I found out about this location via a fellow foodie, Maggi Mei http://vieamaggi.com. Her pics of the tacos sent me on a frenzy of wanting to give this place a try ASAP. 

What did we order: 

2 Atun - Seared albacore tuna with wasabi mayo, chili ponzu, cabbage & pico de gallo on a 6" hand made flour tortilla.

1 Baja - Tempura beer battered seasonal fish with cabbage, cilantro, salsa mexicana and chipotle mayo in a 6" hand made flour tortilla.

1 Cabo - Tempura beer battered prawns fish with cabbage, cilantro, salsa mexicana and chipotle mayo in a 6" hand made flour tortilla.

On tap margarita and 33 acres of Darkness

La Taqueria has taken the Portland approach of order at the counter and sit, wait for your food.  It's a casual place so don't expect service like Tacofino. 

Let's start off with the drinks, the margarita was delicious, highly recommend it. 33 acres of Darkness is a dark beer with coffee and chocolate tones, extremely delicious. 

Now to the tacos, Atun, it's not tacofino that's for sure. They cook it almost 80% done but the sauce and cabbage combined is still refreshing. The Baja had a lot of beer batter and it really overpowered the taco. It was ok, but I realized I don't like beer battered proteins. The Cabo was pretty similar to the Baja, I can't elaborate on it anymore. 

 Cabo on the top, Baja on the bottom

Cabo on the top, Baja on the bottom

They also have churos at this location but I didn't save room for dessert. 

Overall, the experience was ok, knowing that for less, I can get an amazing experience elsewhere, I probably won't be back again. 

Rating: 3/5 

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Flying Pig (Olympic Village)

Location: Olympic Village, 127 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Let's start this review off by saying that I only came here for 'Appy Hour' and not for a full meal. They have about 10 food selections ranging from salad, poutine, pull pork sliders, Mac and cheese. Drink specials is their house lager for under $5 and a house red and white wine for around $6. 

What did we order:

3x house white

1 house lager

Beat and bresaola salad

Classic poutine

First off, the beer is rather meh, but if lagers are your thing, then maybe you'll like it. The house white wine was pretty decent, I'd probably order that one again if I went there for another appy hour. 

Classic poutine, one word to describe it. SALTY. Unpleasantly salty, fries were ok but not as good as Cascade. What made it salty was the gravy and the type of cheese that they used on top.

I had a bite of the Beat and bresaola salad and it was very uneventful in my mouth. Hard pass on that one. 


My friends ordered other things like beef short rib croquette and a salmon cakes, I didn't try those so I can't comment. 

 Crispy salmon cakes

Crispy salmon cakes

 Beef short rib croquette 

Beef short rib croquette 

Overall, I thought it was meh. The service was excellent, patio was heated but the traffic noise is unbearable. 

Rating: 3/5


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Riz Sushi and Catering (Take-out Edition)

Location: 2887 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC

I'm not a huge fan of hype, free things, or offers that require me to line up. My time is valuable for me so I decided to wait until the crowds died down for Riz Sushi. 

I was in a rush that day so I decided to call in on my way into Vancouver to order the poke bowls. The person who picked up was friendly and very helpful in describing the steps that were involved in creating each bowl. By the time I arrived, the bowls were ready and I was in and out of Riz in 5 minutes. 

What did I order?

3 scoops poke bowl - 2 salmon, 1 tuna - all the toppings, wasabi aioli, all crunch

3 scoops poke bowl- 1 salmon, 2 tuna - all the toppings (except cucumber), truffle garlic aioli, all crunch

Let's start off with the fish. The way that they prepare the fish is more traditional Hawaiian poke. There is a saltiness to the fish and the texture doesn't taste as fresh. I even dare to say a little slimy for the tuna that I had. The good thing is that there wasn't any funky fish flavours. 

The toppings were good although their kimchi cucumber wasn't kimchi'd at all, it was just regular cucumber. As for the sauce, I think they have one of the better selection of sauces. I enjoyed my wasabi aioli (wasn't too spicy) and I also tried Lillian's truffle garlic aioli which was pretty amazing (flavour packed). 

We ordered the combo which came with the option of deep fried gyoza or spam musubi, and other options. Also came with a pop of choice. The deep fried gyoza was good but I would skip on the spam musubi, nothing spectacular about it. 

Would I go back? Probably because it's on the way and their sauces were good. I'd probably try the ahi tuna next time. 

Other notables: Brown rice is extra $1, truffle aioli is extra 50 cents. 

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Toshi Sushi

Location: Cartier Place, 181 E 16th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Legend has it that Toshi Sushi is Justin Timberlake's favourite restaurant in Vancouver. This restaurant is tiny but the restaurant operates efficiently to ensure that people waiting get seated as quickly as possible. 

It was my first time here and for two people, we waited for 30 minutes. It was worth the wait. 

We sat at the bar but there wasn't much to see like traditional sushi places (for comparison, the old Fuji Sushi and Matzusushi). 


What did we order:

Special agedashi

Dynamite roll

Boxed sushi

Toro, salmon, tuna, unagi, tamago, and inari nigiri

Baked miso eggplant


The special agedashi was ok, it was super hot (temperature) and it was different but it wasn't mind blowing. I probably wouldn't order that again. Dynamite roll was pretty good, it actually had a kick to it with spicy mayo. The boxed sushi was again different from places like Miku and Minami, but it was refreshing with the piece of citrus (can't recall if it's lemon or orange). Salmon was the wild variety and it was fresh. Tamago didn't look like it was made in house, it had that manufactured yellow colour (see Sushi Itoga for legit tamago). The stars and the must get is the Toro and Unagi nigiri. The toro usually sells out so make sure you snag a couple pieces right away. 


Best dish of the night, the baked miso eggplant. *slow clap* Just an amazing dish and I'm so glad Lillian introduced me to this dish. So damn good. 


Overall experience, it was good, worth the wait? maybe? Prices were very reasonable and not outrageous. 

Rating: 5/5 

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Bao Down Snack Bar

Location: 221 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC

I've been to the Bao Down in Olympic Village before for brunch and had an excellent experience. We came here starving so we ordered the following: 

2 worlds collide , YVR (2x), and Big Bang!


Fly Rice


I thought the baos were good, the YVR was my favourite because of the seared ahi tuna and wasabi aioli. Two worlds collide was a bit heavier and not as refreshing. The pork belly with the hoisin sauce was really good. I had two and Lillian had two but we had to order a Fly Rice cause we were still hungry. My suggestion is probably skip the Fly Rice and try something else cause it was a bit meh. 

We were seated in the back of the restaurant next to the washroom and it didn't really bother me. Music was on point (very good choices). Service I thought was ok, but my friends thought it was pretty awful. Beer selection was ok, the Trash Panda IPA is pretty good if they have it on tap. 

Rating: 3/5


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Jinya Ramen Bar

Location: 541 Robson St, Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

The ramen tour continues with Jinya Ramen Bar downtown. It's been open for about a year now and I've finally found someone to go with me (lining up to go for ramen for one seems lonely). 

We waiting for about 30 minutes and they use the yelp reservation system which is pretty snazzy. It tells you how many parties are in front of you and will text you with a confirmation when your table is ready. 

We had bar seating at the window facing the street and it was fantastic. It's been awhile since there has been sun so we absorbed as much as we could. Plus it's great for food photos ;) 

We ordered the following:

Takoyaki - battered octopus over egg tartar topped with kewpie mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, fresh cut green onion and smoked bonito flakes

Jinya Tonkotsu Black - pork broth: pork chashu, kikurage, green onion, nori dried seaweed, seasoned egg*, garlic chips, garlic oil, fried onion, spicy sauce » served with thin noodles 

Sprouting Up Ramen - pork and chicken broth: pork chashu, kikurage, spicy bean sprouts, green onion, half seasoned egg*, crispy brussels sprouts, black pepper, ginger »served with thick noodles

The takoyaki was pretty amazing. Tons of toppings and it sat on some puree which was absolutely amazing. I found myself scrapping the dish for more. 


Jinya Tonkotsu Black was definitely very garlicky and the then noodles were different. I generally prefer thick noodles but it was different good. 


The Sprouting Up Ramen was not bad. I've never had a combo of pork and chicken broth before. The highlight was definitely the pork chashu. Throughout our tour, we haven't had a melt in your mouth experience until Jinya. The crispy Brussels sprouts were nice but the chashu was definitely the star of the dish. 


Overall we had an excellent experience, the servers were nice and knowledgeable and the people watching view was great. 

Rating: 5/5 

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Tokyo John (Take-out Edition)

Location: 3365 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

I've been working my way down Cambie Street trying out all the different offerings and Tokyo John was next on the list. We've been going to Sushi 7 a lot and I just needed to try something different. 

Prices were decent, offerings were good. Check out their menu at https://www.tokyojohnsushi.com Their website was super easy to navigate and their menus are easy to read. We ended up getting the dynamite combo and deluxe combo for our meals. We kind of messed up in ordering two dynamite rolls but thank goodness they were really good. In terms of freshness of the fish, it was on point, no complaints here. 

They offer aburi sushi and rolls as well so I'm sure I'll be going back for date night soon. Keep in mind, it's a relatively small restaurant and I'm not entirely sure how crazy it gets during the evening so plan accordingly. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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Tandem Bike Cafe

Location: 3195 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC

This is a neighbourhood gem of a place. It's not a brunch place but more of a grab a small bite and coffee. When I first stepped foot into place I took a moment to question, am I at the right place cause this looks like a bike repair shop. But then if you take a look to the right, that's where the coffee and pastries are served, hence the name Tandem Bike Cafe (half bike repair shop half cafe). 

First off, coffee was good, not sure which beans they use but it was to my liking. But the star... if you're going to go to Tandem Bike Cafe, you MUST GET THE CINNAMON BUN.  Especially if you like gooey cinnamon buns, it is AMAZING. It doesn't have a lot of layers like Solly's but it's more traditional and very evenly balanced in terms of the sweetness. 


Please note, on Saturdays, they open from 10am-4pm which is kind of strange for a Saturday. I'm here waiting for it to open right now. Also closed on Sundays. 

Rating: 4/5 

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