DD Mau

Location : 45 E Pender St, Vancouver

DD Mau Chinatown Menu: https://www.ddmau.ca/chinatown/

DD Mau is definitely my top 3 recommended restaurants in Vancouver right now.

Here is what to order:

Sticky rice - I’m still thinking about this simple dish. The mushrooms and the soy with the fried egg on top.


Pork Belly Combo - comes with the soup, but the pork belly is so tender, melt in your mouth goodness.


Chicken wings - by far the best wings in town. Gives Phnom Penh a run for its money. It’s different, more like a cola sweet fried glaze.


Trifecta Rice - 3 different types of meats, veggies, and a fried egg (no pic)

Grilled Betel Leaf Meatball Platter - it’s a messy dish but it’s a delicious one. Wrap your own vermicelli tacos. (no pic)

Chicken Pho - a light soup. This is the best comfort dish when you’re feeling under the weather. (to the left)


BÚN CHA HÀ NOI - Very different from the traditional buns you find in town. Do not dump all the sauce on the noodles or you’ll be having a very salty dish. (to the right)

Would I recommend? Hell yes. This is the top 3 on my list of recommends for Vancouver. Atmosphere is great, prices are reasonable, the wings are to die for, service has always been excellent. I consider DD Mau the biggest hidden gem in Vancouver right now. Hype is real.

Rating: 5/5 Go try it, let me know what you think

Dai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Location: 108-1050 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

Cash or debit only during lunch

What did we order?


Pork Sui Mai - very good

Scallop and shrimp dumpling - better than the normal Har Gow

Chicken feet - pretty decent

Spare ribs - recommended


XO sauce turnip deep fried turnip cubes - spicy but highly recommended


Taro meat dumpling - definitely a classic


Would I recommend it? Yes, I would. The average price per dish is about $7.00 so expect the bill to be expensive. Each person is charged 99 cents for tea. Bring cash or debit during dim sum cause they won’t accept a credit card. But the food is good, it’s good traditional dim sum. Try their tapioca pudding as a dessert if you go.

Rating: 4/5

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Location: 3096 Main Street, Vancouver,

I’m going to keep these post shorter from now on. You’re here to see if I would recommend a place to try and I know you’re hungry so I’ll keep it brief.

Burgoo Menu: https://burgoo.ca/food-for-comfort/

Happy hour? Yes, available for drinks and snacks

What we ordered:



Tater Tots


Tastier Chicken Sandwich


Would I recommend it? I don’t really crave burgoo. It’s not the type of food where I want weekly and the last time I went was 10 years ago. Therefore, I wouldn’t say it was great, it wasn’t bad either. It was ok.

Rating: 3/5

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Honey and Salt

Location: 39 Smithe St, Vancouver

I don’t write a lot of bad reviews, but because this place is in a high end Casino and the prices are moderately high for some dishes. I feel that it is morally right for me to warn my readers about this place.

The only good thing we had was the charcuterie board. Everything else that was ordered below was bad to awful.

We ordered:


Fish and chips. Worst type of batter you can use for fish and chips. Imagine fish and chips you buy from the grocery store, the batter is floppy and has no crunch to it. The fish itself didn’t taste good at all, left a bad after taste.

BC Poke Bowl. My friend had maybe a handful of bites and couldn’t eat it. It was that bad. She ended up being sick later in the evening and believes it had something to do with her dinner.


I had the crispy chicken burger. The burger itself was ok, but the salad was perhaps the worst side salad i’ve had in my life. Each bite was just filled with salt. Of all the possible dressings you can use for a salad, why did you pick one that tastes like oil and salt?


Finally, Lillian ordered Tourtière Québécois, a meat pie. The taste was probably the best of all that we ordered but unfortunately, they burnt half of the bottom of the pie crust…

Overall, I find this place super pretentious, the food beyond mediocre, and the pricing does not match the quality. They need to make huge improvements before I would even consider revising my review.

Rating: 2/5 I was going to give 1/5 but their Kentucky Old Fashion Cold Brew was really good.

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The Kitchen Table

Location: 1618 Yew Street, Vancouver

We’re huge fans of happy hour especially when the food is at happy hour prices. That day, we actually went to Chewies afterwards for buck a shuck as well but I digress.


The happy hour menu is pretty decent here. We ordered yam fries, Thai sweet chilli wings, and their Mac and cheese. Yam fries and wings were on point. The Mac and cheese was ok but it wasn’t amazing. Price wise, was ok, wasn’t too expensive, definitely acceptable for happy hour. I’d link you to their happy hour menu, but their website is half done.


Rating: 3.5/5

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Location: 1773 Robson St, Vancouver


Pork cutlets are probably my favourite meat when it comes to Japanese food. When I went to Tokyo in 2012, I remember having a fast food place called Hotto Motto. For $5 cad, you could have the best Katsudon experience ever. I’ve since wanted to find something that came close to that.

Saku is a Japanese cutlet specialty restaurant. They serve pork cutlet in a variety of ways but the menu is streamlined to provide the best experience. They have cheese cutlet, original fried cutlet, cutlet in broth, and a couple other varieties.

I ordered cutlet in broth because I like it moist instead of extra crispy.

The taste was good, they have the Olive Garden service, unlimited salad and soup. The sesame dressing for the salad is very good!

Cutlet, it wasn’t a 10/10, maybe a 8/10. Broth in the soup was good, definitely had that Katsudon pop in it. Price, it’s a pricey meal for what it is, but with unlimited soup and salad, it’s an ok deal.

It’s a nice spot to bring a date, decor is nice and bright, service is excellent. Would I come back? Most likely.

Rating: 4/5

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Menya Raizo

Location: 401 W Broadway, Vancouver


Is there such a thing as too many ramen options? The answer is probably no in Vancouver because we love our ramen and the variety.

The new Menya Raizo opened recently and I had the opportunity to try it for the first time recently. I ordered the miso and Lil ordered the Shio ramen. We also ordered their crispy chicken wings.

Let’s start with the wings:


They were fall off the bone delicious. Sauce was fantastic, like a sweet soy. It had a very interesting crispy texture, light but just right.

Miso ramen came with a big slice of pork, most likely pre-sliced and cooled. Also sprouts, corn, and a slab of butter. Miso was light, not super salty, and because of the chicken broth, the overall feel was light. Pork was good once it heated up in the soup. Noodles were thick, like traditional ramen.


Service was very typical Japanese. They are card only and do not accept cash.

Rating: 4/5 will definitely be back for lunch because prices were reasonable and I didn’t feel drained after eating it.

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Jasmine Flower Shanghai Cuisine

Location: 8532 Granville Street, Vancouver

Simply delicious. A friend of mine recently recommended that I try Jasmine Flower’s Xiao Long Bao (XLB) because of their thin skin and tasty soup. The day before we went to Long’s Noodle House and was disappointed by the texture of the XLB meat.

We ordered: 1 order of XLBs, Sticky Rice Roll, Pan Fried Pork Bun, and Shanghai Thick Noodles.

 There is more than 3, I just forgot to take photos of it before I ate it.

There is more than 3, I just forgot to take photos of it before I ate it.

XLBs were very good. Thin skin, plenty of soup, insanely flavourful, texture of the meat ball was perfect.


Sticky rice roll, nice distribution of pickled veg, crunch donut, and plenty of pork floss.


Shanghai Thick Noodles was a massive plate. No way can two people can finish the plate with other food in one sitting. For $11 bucks, this was bigger than an Anton’s pasta dish. Sauce was perfect, plenty of shredded pork, would definitely order again.

 There is more than 3 as well…

There is more than 3 as well…

Finally, the pan fried pork bun. Wow x 100. The soup in the middle was SOOO GOOD. Nice and crispy at the bottom, perhaps one of the best pork buns i’ve had.

Verdict: 5/5 Price was super reasonable, XLB and pan fried buns were top notch, huge noodle portions.

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Ohyama Ramen (Whistler)

Location:  4000 Whistler Way, Whistler, BC

Recently we made a trip up to Whistler to hike and explore the village. Having had some beverages the night before, we needed something hearty. So we decided to try a ramen place in Whistler. Most people who think, "Ramen in Whistler? nah, hard pass" but I was really surprised with Ohyama Ramen.

The inside is a treat to see, it's like they recreated the scene of a Japanese alley.

The food was very good. Pork was awesome, soup was on point, noodles were perfect, and price was super comparable to places in Vancouver. 

 Basic on top, the largest one possible on the bottom.

Basic on top, the largest one possible on the bottom.

I ordered the biggest one possible and Lil ordered the basic. For mine, the mushrooms were very good, marinated shiitake. Thinking about it is making me drool in hunger. 

If you're in Whistler and want some Japanese cuisine without breaking the bank, check out Ohyama Ramen.

Rating: 4/5


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Location: 112-805 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

We tried to go to Ebisu for Happy Hour recently and they weren't open until 5pm so we decided to try out a near by sushi place called Kisokoma. As I was doing my research lately, I read they were Japanese owned so that got me pretty excited. 


First impression, this place feels pretty grimy but reminds me of some of my favourite authentic Japanese restaurants when I was a child. We ordered their roll special which comes with a dynamite roll, California roll, bc roll, and a chopped scallop roll for $12. We also ordered a Katsudon, 2 pieces of salmon nigiri (wild) and 2 pieces of toro sushi. 

Rolls were good, they weren't extravagant like other places but it's good for the basics. Katsudon was very legit. It's up there with some of the authentic Japanese restaurants like Shiro. It has plenty of sauce, potato noodles, egg, and pork. No complaints about the nigiri, the prices were very reasonable.


Overall, the food was good, atmosphere was subpar, but you get what you pay for. All that for $30. 

Rating: 3.5/5


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