My car boudoir session - Wetwerks Auto Spa Review

I’ve owned a 1997 Mazda Miata for about 5 years now and after last season, I decided that when I insured this car this year, I would treat it to a nice detailing job. Thankfully, I am a part of the Vancouver Miatas Group and someone in the group had a great experience at Wetwerks Auto Spa.

Booking was simple, I did it through Instagram DM and Glen gave me a ton of options to pay the deposit.

The total time it took after dropping off the car was about 3 days for a single stage polish and a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the car that acts as an extra layer of protection. It gives the car a nice glossy new paint look after a proper polish.

During the process, Glen sent me updates via Instagram and showed me the before and after pics of the polishing job. I was stunned when I saw how much the swirls had disappeared. Also, for a single stage paint job, it’s often very tricky to polish as the paint and clear coat is the same layer.

Major props to Glen at Wetwerks for making my car look like it just came off the line from Mazda. The best part I felt was that he also completed a photoshoot of the car after the paint job, like a boudoir shoot for guys.

Here are the pics, they are absolutely amazing.

Before and after the polish

Car boudoir pics:


Glen at Wetwerks Auto Spa

111 - 8889 Laurel St, Vancouver, BC

Rating: 5/5

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